Future Ideas
Bette Jane,
  I was wondering what Camp Tagola would be like for our age group if we were campers,
counselors or waiters….Let’s see…(of course, this might contradict your personal
experience Bette Jane) what adjustments might have to be made?
Curfew couldn’t be early enough instead of couldn’t be late enough…
Getting those extra helpings of family style servings and desserts
would be limited as digestion issues erupt (no pun intended)
Softball games would have to have special rules…no sliding,
shorten the basepaths, play three inning games and substitute
runners allowed from the younger bunks.
Socials would be held in the afternoon….As far as hip hop, rap,
       break dancing, gang banging  music etc….they would be out as
       Bobby Darin, the Platters and Elvis would rule once again….
Afternoon milk break would have a Lactaid substitute…
Bunk raids would be way too dangerous…whose eyesight would
       be good enough to negotiate in the dark? And once inside the
       targeted bunks, who could remember why we were there?
The infirmary would need a hospital sized staff to handle all the
disabilities incurred from attempting to be a youthful camper.
Parent visiting day would be somewhat deflating unless there
are some centenarian parents still around
Color War singing would have to be from cue cards with large print
Each bunk would have several bathrooms to accommodate evening
visits from all of us who might be in need.
Walking to Milts would be out of the question…Perhaps a cab but
then Milt’s isn’t even there anymore
We would bring new meaning to the teenage fantasies of necking
and making out……..Well, some of us anyways….
Mickey Greenberg