Tagola Cheers
B-L-U-E Blue to victory, B-L-U-E Blue to victory
Fight, fight, fight, fight, never give in
For the Blue team will win rah, rah, rah, (repeat

When I get home, I'm gonna see (2x)
A little birdie in a tree (2x)
I'll ask that birdie if he saw (2x)
The Blue (Grey) team win this Color War (2x)
Sound off (GR) Sound off (EY)
Cadence Count (G R EY) GR EY.

Woodsie says really love that Grey team
Woodsie says they really are the best
Woodsie says really love that Grey team
They will prove to Camp Tagola
That they're better than the rest.
(Tune-You Can't Get a Man With A Gun")
We are the Blue team , the mighty, mighty Blue team,
After all that is said and done,
And to be more specific, we really are terrific
And we've got this Color War won, 2, 3, 4 (repeat)

Grey team, Grey team almighty
Workin' all day and all nighty
Gonna beat the Blue team all righty
Score, score, score (repeat)

(Tune-"Jingle Bells")
Oh, lick the grey, lick the grey till they're no longer there
Oh what fun to be the one's to make them disappear
Oh, lollipops, lollipops, that's all they really are
They may be sweet but we repeat they can't go very far
Oh, lick, likc, lick, lick (repeat)

Bluela bluela, bluela, bluela
That's the war cry of the blue team
We will down grey, we will crown grey
Till they holler Bluela Blue
Rah, rah (repeat)
We're the team that can't be beat, honey, honey
We're the team that can't be beat, babe, babe
So clap your hands and stomp your feet
'Cause we're the team that can't be beat
Honey oh baby mine
Tell 'em you're Blue you're Blue, you're Blue
Tell 'em you're Blue, you're Blue, you're Blue (repeat song)

All you Grey team forward
Come all you Grey team gather round
We'll Burn them to the Gound
With All our Feet we can't be beat
Till victory is ours (repeat song)

G-Can't hear you, R-A little louder, U-T, That's better, Y-Now you got it

Grey team, Grey team, We've got the team, team
We've got the steam, steam, all day lon
Crazy, 1,2,3,4,
Who's goona win this color War
Grey, Grey, Yeah, Grey. (repeat song)
Spirit in the woods beats a hollow drum
From the teaming forest the blue team comes
chanting all together in unison
hail, Blue team, hail (repeat getting louder each time)

Around her neck she wore a great grey ribbon
Sho wore it out to practice and she wore it out to play
And when they asked her why the heck she wore it
She said that the Grey team had such a winning way
Grey team, winning way, Grey team winning way
She said that the Grey team had such a winning way (repeat song)

What's the color of Tagola? Blue, Blue, Blue
What's the color of Tagola? Blue, Blue, Blue
The sky is Blue, the lake is blue
We're gonna make the Grey team Blue
What's the color of Tagola? Blue, Blue, Blue

As the Grey team goes up, up, up
And the Blue team goes down, down, down
Color war this season will show you the reason
Grey's gonna win, Grey's gonna win.
Super Senior Cheer

We're the Super Seniors
All hail our name
We come from Tagola
Center of the universal, continental
We have got the best group, ready for the fight
So cheer, cheer for Super girls
'Cause we're all right
da da da da da da da  (repeat)

Inter March
written by Linda Brezner

(tune-"Do, Re, Mi")

Do, the money daddy needs
To Re ise to send us off to camp
Me the devil of their lives
Fa away from mother's clamp
So the labels on your shirt
La Ck the trunk up very Tight
T a g o l a camp
And the group for which we'll fight.
Tagola Alma Mater
What does Camp Tagola mean to me
A camp whose fond memories last eternally
Friendship and loyalty
And truth will remain with me
A camp that I hold so dear
The eyes can see, it's deep within me
This is a time for boys and girls to say
We love Tagola camp in every way
We know no matter where we roam
Tagola's our second home
And we'll never be alone
No, we'll never be alone.

Tagola March

We're a camp that really can't be beat
For united we will never meet defeat
We've got pep and personality
Camp Tagola you're the camp for me

Hear our voices raised in harmony
Camp Tagola's spirit lives eternally
Heads held high, we proudly march along
Join us as we sing this rousing song

Our shouts will rise up to the sky
With our banners raised on high
Blue and grey will wave forever more
For the camp we all adore

Cherished thoughts we always held so dear
Memories of camp remain throughout the year
Always striving to pledge loyalty
Camp Tagola you're the camp for me.
CA March 1968
(Tune "Hallelujah Baby")

Watch out, we gotta shout, no one can doubt that  they'll find out
What we're about...
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Watch out, we gotta shout, no one can doubt that  they'll find out
What we're about
C. A. girls relentless valiantly
Have a vision, it's our vision
It's our mission to reign supreme through eternity
Hallelujah, glory, hallelu

We harmonize, it magnifies, our majesty
Hey, hey they'll praise, the dauntless C.A. s

(tune-"How Now Dow Jones")
Ta-Go-La proclaim, glorifying our name
As we go down in history
Awesome our spirit, immortal its light
Reaching new heights as we shape our destiny
Tagola you'll see Counselor Aide victory
Our aspirations ever high
The tribute they sound to the sky it resounds
And then spreads o'er the land and the sea
Tagola proclaim glorifying our name
C.A. s go down in history.

C. A. Alma Mater-1968

(Tune: "Once Upon a Time")

Long before our time,
The earth its land and seas were formed
Wonders never cease, Ta-Go-La camp was born
But that was long before our time
Many years ago,

Now the time is ours
Our voices sing in harmony
Offering a prayer
That echoes love we share
For we have found that friendshp means
Dear Camp Tagola.

We are young and haven't got a care
And we always laugh knowing tomorrow will be there
Tagola each moment is so rare
Why must years fly?

As the time moves on
The days and months turn into years
We will recollect each moment in the past
Abd somehow dear Camp Tagola
Eternally will last.