More Random Songs
Cit Alma Mater
(tune-("Just The Way You Look Tonight")

**Camp days, how I'll miss them so,
How I'll long to be, back where we belong here at Tagola
Just the way we are tonight.
bum, bum, bum, bum
Friendships, will forever grow,
Kindling a flame, burning in our hearts will last forever,
And the way we are tonight
With each word our sadnes sgrows
Knowing that we must part
But we know we will return
We'll have a brand new start.
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Comic Song 1971
(Tune-"There's No Business Like Show Business")

There's no business like fun business
There's no business we know
Everything about it is revealing
Everything the judges will allow
Poking fun at camp and staff is the best Although you know it's all in jest.


A way above her head we see the strangest sights
The hats she wears each day
The hats she wears each night
What do you mean a lineup in ten minutes
When it's fifteen minues
How can girls' camp be ready for your call
Gloria you drive us up a wall
Her tooth is falling out
A way above the ground
But Gloria don't pout because it's always found.

("Adam's Family")

He wants to be director, he is a girl detectr
He preached what he wants to canyou guess who he is
He's got Hy hopes

("Hernando's Hideaway")
There is a 32 year old
3 children in this camp she holds
Her youth disguises all of this
Hey miss, what are you beauty tips?

("Doggy in the Window"
Oh, Holly she's always been so flighty
But Puppy came into her life
And now it's a reverse situation
Because she can't trap him for lifer.

Selwyn, what have you done to us?
Food's made in such a great big rush
Come weekend the food's delicious
But Monday starts in with that starchy stuff.

("3 Blind Mice"
Senior boys calling, he's still snoring
Senior boys, calling, he's still snoring
Get up out of bed and raise that head
It's not like your hair weighs you down like lead
Ira Israel, Ira Israel.

("Frere Jaques")
Marlene Nussbaum, Marlene Nussbaum
Where are you? Where are you?
Junior girls are calling
You're at boys' camp stalling
This time with who?

("16 Going On 17")
11 years of her life
General has been her strife
Robin come back next year
Things may look up then
Put down your pad and pen
Writing won't get you there.

She tried and she finally did it.
Bette and Lenny what a team.

("Happiness is")
Happiness is talking with Diane
Sitting with Diane getting along

How many Od's must Diane have before Gloria sets her free

("Bonnie and Clyde")
Sherry and Dave are generals together
How nice they got together before Color War.

("Put Another Nickel In")
He was all tied down last year
Romeo's his role hey dear
Here he comes with all his charm
Watch out cause he's in trouble
Power to Mitch Kupfer, Romeo ain't doing his job.

Her car it is her main concern
Money she just has to earn
To support her favorite toy
And run it, run it, run it.
Power to George Bressler, too bad that car's such a bomb

With speech he puts o such an air
Try to correct him if you dare
Frosh-Soph boys you best bewar
He sings and talks as one
Power to Gerry Kirshenbaum, power to the orator himself

She was general first year
Second year group leader here
What's in store for you next year?
Head counselor, counselor, counselor
Power to Raphan, but don't let it go to your head

("Flying Trapeze")
She walks through tis camp with the greatest of ease
It's our camp mother she does it to please
She washes our hair and she cleans all our clothes
Making sure she does all, oh she never fails.

("Deep in the Heart of Texas")
The boys up here are young this year.

("Henry Higgins")

Have no fear Ta-Go-La Campers have no fear
The infirmary will keep you well this year
They'll say soak it if you broke it
They'll give aspirin if you're dyin'
But have no fear Ta-Go-La Campers have no fear.


There's no business like fun business
It adds spice to the day
Hope you know the fun we've poked was all in jest
Matadores of 71 are the best
Let's go on with the show.

("Game of Love")
The purpose of this skit is to teach a game
We're the coeds and we'll show you how we got our fame
So, come on baby, let's start to play
Come on baby, let's play, the game of
Tag olopoly

Move 2 spaces advance to the infirmary

(Tune-"Officer Krumpky")
Oh, Dr. Keritskis, we're down on our knees
You say you are a doctor, but you don't aim to please
Oh, Dr. Keritskis, your bandaid must go
Gee, Dr. Keritskis, you're slow.

Move 4 spaces advance to the pool
(Tune-"House of the Rising Sun")

There is a pool at Tagola with no bikinis allowed
f it was up to Sylvia we'd all be wearing shrouds.

At the pool at the the pool at Harry's beautiful pool,
It's a rule, it's a rule,
That the boys' camp can't drool
Yes, we have no bikinis...

("South Street")

Where do all the lovers meet?
the ritz, the ritz
To the woods they try to sneak
the ritz, the ritz


Into the woods, my mother won't let me
Into the woods, my mother won't let me
Into the woods... my mother's not here.

Got caught by Harvey Yogman, go to porch without passing Go

(Tune-"Walk Right In")

Greenberg's come right in, sit right down, Campers we must have a talk...

Campers: ("Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah") Take me home, oh mother father, take me home...

(Tuen-"Game of Love")
Come on baby let's start to play
Come on baby, let's play
The game of Tag  opoly.
Super March
From the hills there comes an echo
From the valley comes a cry
Super girls arise triumphant underneath Tagola skies
Hear the thunder of the echoes
Victory is drawing nigh
Proclaim the super name
Supers rise and tell your story
Super girls, super girls
Proudly sing of fame and glory
Super girls, super girls, super girls
Supers rise and tell your story
Proclaim the Super name.

Senior March

With an S and an E and an N I O R S
With an S and an E and an N I and an O R O R S
Trumpets blare and we dare, we are united, are united
Folks beware as we dare our goal is sighted, it is sighted
We have come, we have come
We're Tagola men singing victory again
With our spirits and heads held on high
With our flags unfurled we will challenge the world
And this is our battle cry
We will fight, we will win, we will never give in
And our spirits will never die
And all the world will surely yield
As the Seniors go marching by.
Senior March

Seniors of Tagola, we're here to proclaim
We'll carry banners high with everlasting fame
As we march onward and onward our hearty voices sing,
In praise of the Seniors, let us arise and singOur voice willl be supreme as we march on
It's for the Seniors that we'll always fall in love
And raise our banners high
And we won't hesitate to dedicate our heart with a battle cry
And though we're far, far away from our camping grounds
To you we'll 'ere be true
Yes, we'll be true to you
We really mean it
Seniors we're all for you
So let's repeat it
Seniors we're all for you
Put milk in our coffee,
Seniors, we're all for you.

Supers March 1965

Come on Supers move right in and show them all who's gonna win
The Supers (2X) are gonna win tonight
We'll show them our spirit to stand right up and fight, fight
Campers, counselors, 2 by 2 we'll show them what we're gonna do
Come on girls let's fight tonight and show them rest our might

Cheer, cheer for Supers tonight
We've got the spirit, we've got the might
We're the group to win for sure, we've go the power, skill and more.
We stand for triumph, victory and truth
These are the emblems of red-blooded youth
Cheer for Supers we're all right

Winning, winning always winning, that's our ending and beginning
We will win this sing
Razzle, dazzle fight and spirit
We can take as well as give it
Here our song of praise

Supers, Supers famous group of honor
Skill and glory told in legend song and story
Supers, Supers final triumph is ours
Premonition, victory for Supers.
Yes, we're gonna win tonight.
Cit Comic Masquerade Song

Here comes Camp Tagola
These are some memories
We'd like to keep alive

The coed girls are angry
No swim has got us docked
While we're sitting in our bunks
Steve's out gettng crocked

Here at Camp Tagola
Two piece suits are a sin
G-d forgive anyone
Should show off some of their skin

Here comes Arnie Harris
With his little boys
When he's through with them
They go back to playing with their toys.

Here comes Sylvia Tucker
At socials she does roam
If we dance too close
She threatens to send us home.

Here comes Michael Ponser
Everyone's favorite Aunt
Everytime we are undressed
He marches thoguh girls' camp

Here comes Philip Kosak
They all say you're a bad boy
And we've no future with youBut we still love you Philip,
Even though you are Jewish.

Here comes Carol Bloomgarten
And all that we can say
Is that we love her
In each and every way.

Here comes Sherry Liebowitz
Sherry for General, de ah di ah di ah
Sherry for General, de ah di ah di ah

Here comes Carol Singer
A great DH is she
But we know all about her
She's famous for grumpsky

Here come the Greenbergs
With Sylvia by their side
We shall overcome
League Comedy Songs 1965

Oh what a riot, Tagola's on a diet
Singer's a swinger at stuffing her face
Florence says that she's too fat
Prager, says she'll second that
Florence is fat, Prager's fat
Florence is fat, Prager is fat

(tune-"Oh, Boy")
Oh, boy empty shoe boxes
Oh boy, they're sly as foxes
Oh, boy Carol's shack swings as the D. H. meeting goes on.

(tune-"Walking My Baby Back Home")
Gee ain't it great, after staying out late,
Missing a kiss at the gate
Waiting till four till they knock on the door...

(tune-"High Hopes")
Whoops, there goes another waiter kerplop
But we've got Michael, we've got Michael
Though he may be just like us
He's Michael.

(tune-"Some Enchanted Evening")

When we dry our hair, Shirley's always there.
But she only cares about the electric bill

Summertime and Phil Carver is singing
He'll be singing that song till the summer is gone
Next year, we hope a different song he'll be singing
'Cause we're getting pretty sick of this song.

(tune-"My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean")

Bring back, bring back, bring back our laundry to us
Bring back, bring back, bring back our laundry to us
I sent in my laundry last Thursday
Expecting a speedy return
It came back a wreck four weeks later
And all of my undies were burned

Blanche and Fritzie were lovers.
(tune-"Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be")

Oh, dear what can the matter be
I fell out of a little tree
My head's really annoying me
Why are you taping my leg?

Sylvia, we want to see you smile
Smile for just a little while.

(tune-"Oh, You Beautiful Doll")

Oh, you beautiful doll, you great big beautiful doll
Let us throw some softballs with you
You'll be lucky if we miss you
Oh, you beautiful doll, you great big beautiful doll
Michael never leave us, 'cause our love is true
The army wants you but we do, too.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh you beautiful doll.

(tune-"Bloody Mary")

Steve Feldman has a good physique
He's ruff and tough and never, never meek
He jumps in the pool and he tries to swim
But we just won't go in.

(tune-"Birth of the Blues")

They named a camp and it's clear why we come back each year,
Oh, Carol, It wouldn't last without you.
Inter March

Listen to the Inters
Listen to the Inters
Listen to the Inters
For we will tell the story of Inters the group we love
Inters the group we adore
Pass all other by shouting our name on high
Inters will roll up the score
Send Tagola reeling
And they'll be feeling
The Inters veel and vim and vigor
Rigorous we say, glory's the victors name
Inters will march to the fore.

Inter girls top the foe, foe, foe
Soon all Tagola wll know, know, know
That the Inter girls really go, go go
As we sing and cheer it
Let them hear our Inter spirit
Some will praise it others fear it
As the Inter girls go....go....go
Excerpts from League Comic Songs

(tune-"Ed Sullivan")
Sam Greenberg, Sam Greenberg
Sa a a a a m Sam Greenberg
How could any campers be
Half as fortunate as we....

(tune-"Telephone Song")
Hi, Sam, Hi, Shirley
Who'd you hire? Who'd you fire?
The new staff. What a laugh.
Have you heard about Florence and Fang
Hi, Harvey. Hi, Sylvia
Quiet meal, most unreal
What's the news, with your Jews?
Are they davening in the staff house?
Hi Carol, Hi, Bert
Boys are here, girls are there
Is this really a coed camp?

The boys crawl in, the boys crawl out
Beneath the hole, they take their stroll.

The eyes of Tucker are upon us,
She stands behind every treee
Or is she watching Harvey Yogman?
is legs are so sexy!


You're the one we take our orders from
You make our summer full of fun, Carol
To watch the campers as they tingle at the mention of your name
You try to get a team by we can't even win a single volleyball game
You're the one that Kermit comes here fo, Carol
Your chicken fat sure makes us sore, Carol
All that we can say is that we love you in a very special way.
If it were up to us, every day would be Carol Bloomgarten day!

9tune-"Somewhere Over the Rainbow")
Somewhere over Bert's belly, there's a waist
But we don't look at his belly we look at his smiling face.
("There's No Business Like Show business")
There's no HC like Bert Wellman
Like no HC we know
Everything about him is appealing
Everything about him is just so
Everyone thinks that he's boys' head counselor
But little Alan, he runs the show.

Out of the night, when the full moon is bright
Come those jolly mdnight raiders...)


Raids-What's the matter with all those raids today
Raids-Our counselors won't even let them stay
Raids-We struggle past all those gates and locks
When we get there, all we hear is you're docked.

(tune-"I Can't Say No")
Harvey's a guy who can't say no, but then he never says yes
When he walks through the dining room,
His socks are always a mess.

Estelle wore itsy bitsy, teeny, weeny
Blue Tagola shorts???

(tune-"Mr. Sandman"
Camp Tagola, bring Iris a man
Make him the one that she's younger than
Make him the one to show her and teach her
Make hime the one to bring her to the preacher.
Then there' Barbara, she's got too many men
Will it be Harvey or Danny again
In her Grey sweat pants she's very appealing
And she gives Michael Ponser the same feeling.

Random Comic Verse
(Thanks to Vicki Trugman Schwartz)

Here comes Mickey with a basketball.
            Athletics at Duquesne might have been great,
            But Fordham kills boredom, & sets the pace.
            So come on Mick, let’s see it thru
            Camp Ta go la’s backing you.
            Salaries from Shirl & Sam
Will put you through that Bar Exam.