1974 Reunion Speech
The following is a copy of the speech given at the reunion in 1974

Reunion Speech-1974

Lenny: Excuse me, There's entirely too much noise in the dining room so we have decided to make this a silent meal.

All: 1,2,3, Quiet please, 1,2,3, Dedicated to Camp Tagola 1, 2, 3,
(Song: "We Welcome You to Tagola...")

Lenny: Tagolians, I'd like to introduce myself and the other people involved in organizing this reunion. First, we have Ricky Greenberg who at one time was one of my campers. Ricky started camp in 1963 and was at Tagola for 10 years. During these years I was forced to pysically abuse him along with my other campers, to keep him in line. I understand that his last black and blue mark disappeared last week.
    Next is Debbie Strang Greenberg who was at Tagola in 1969 and 1970; was drafted to duty by Camp Roosevelt in 1971 and fortunately for tagola was back in 1972. As you can all see Debbie is in the process of working on a new camper who will organize the 1998 reunion.
    My name is Lenny Weisenthal and I was at Tagola from 1962 until 1971. For those of you who were here prior to 1962 and don't know me, I am up here tonight making this speech because I had the distinct honor of marrying Louis Fishman's little sister Bette Jane. Louis is in California and couldn't be with us tonight but he sends his best to all his admirers! In place of Louis we have his sister Susie and the 4th organizer, my wife known to most of you as Bette Jane Fishman. Bette was in camp from 1953 until 1971. That's an awful lot of salt peter!
    The purpose of this reunion is to rekindle old friendships and bring back some of the memories that have become an important part of our lives. We hope that we have succeeded in reminding you of all those wonderful years and the many feelings we all shared about Camp Tagola.

Ricky: We'd like to take this opportunity to thank some of the people who have contributed time i helping us with this party. Randi Madiefsky, Robin and Hal Angel, Danny Robbins, Fred Kohller, Mark Weiss, Marty Jaffe, Irv Rosenfeld, Rena Skaller, Leslie Einbinder, Bonnie Chesin, and Ilene Bressler.

    I have here something that Carol Singer found in a newspaper and I'd like to read it to you. It's a little late for this year but maybe we could all take advantage of it next year: (Reading form the newspaper advertisement)....

Ricky: "300 singles take over a camp. Jewish singles Memorial Day Weekend. May 26-29 4 days only $66.00 total, Camp Tagola on Sackett Lake Monticello."
And here is what they offer you:

Ricky: Accomodations in semi-private rooms or cabins.
Lenny: In other words the guest house and the bunks.
Ricky: Three delicious meals a day: waiter service, and of course no tipping
Lenny: That's because they take $15.00 out of your canteen money.
Ricky: Free Champagne
Lenny: Served in pitchers with bug juice.
Ricky: Roller skating mixer party
Lenny: Featuring Judy Goldstein's technique of skating down the guest house halls.
Ricky: Ultimate party with dancing
Lenny: They're plugging in the juke box.
Ricky: Indoor basketball and volleyball courts.
Lenny: They finally built them.
Ricky: An outdoor track, basketball, volleyball and olympic pool.
Lenny: And may I remind you that no two piece bathing suits may be worn!

Ricky: We would like to recognize the owners, head counselors and directors that are here tonight,
Selwyn and Connie Kosack, Sylvia Tucker, Gloria and Mel Feiner, Carol Bloomgarten and Barbara Benowitz;

And now down to more serious business, we have some announcements we'd like to make:

Lenny: Tryouts for the talent show will be held in the ritz at rest hour. The acts we already have are the following:

1. Kyra Kosack singing "I'm Gonna Wah That Man Right Out Of My Hair"
2. Susan and Bette Fishman singing "Sisters"....again!!!
3. Sandy Lappe-singing a medley from "The King and I"
4. Eddie Epstein-singing "Lana"
5. Debbie Altman and Rhoda Berke-dancing to Sylvia Fain's choreography
6. Ellen Parker and Linda Weinstein-reprising their "Bye Bye Birdie" roles
7. Burt Fried- singing "Oh What a Beautiful Morning"
8. Leslie Einbinder reprising her role of "Gladys" in "Pajama Game".
9. Ronnie Klein, Bette Jane Fishman and Rona Newman doing "Steam Heat."
10. Andre Fladell doing the lindy with Ronnie Klein.
11. And for the finale, Steven Victor will swallow the entire Ritz. Therefore, services tonight will be held in the dark because we will all be in Steven Victor's mouth!

Lenny: Attention Jane Pearles...Ira Kaskel has arranged for the guest campus frog pond to be placed in the parking lot. All these years he's been waiting for the chance to throw you in again.

Ricky: Lenny and I wnt up to Tagola recently and came across some old "Western Union" Telegrams in the Boys' HC shack. Anyway, we'd like to deliver them now, beter late than never.

Dear Victor, Come back so you can hear me tinkle. Sharon

Dear Puppy, I still sleep with the stuffed animal you gave me in Forestburg. Cindy

Dear Linda, I'm sending you the plane fare to California.  Charlie

Dear Charlie, I never made it without you as my sidekick.  Warren

Dear Iris, I'll meet you in the Ritz at 9:30, Lenny

Dear Ina, Can't get away early. I'll meet you in the front office at 10:30, Lenny

Dear Bette Jane, Unavoidably detained, meet you in the woods at 11:30, Lenny

Dear Susan and Cynthia Newman, Please stop your underwater investigations of our swimming trunks, The Pool Staff

Dear Carol Bloomgarten, Please report to the HC Shack with your shoeboxes for a groupleader meeting.   Iris, Florence, Blanche, Harriet and Barbara

Tagola Couples At the Marriage Booth and in Real Life Still

Robin Davidson, Hal Angel
Elaine Loeb and Freddy Klein
Ellen Greenberg and Barry Birnbaum
Bette Fishman and Lenny Weisenthal
Michelle Chakofsky and Jack Schwager
Mark Kirschner and Holly Fine
Tami Shad and Maury Apatow

Here are some others that we remember at the MOCK MARRIAGE BOOTH:

Susan Fishman and Stevie Epstein
Rona Newman and Steve Kaplan
Kyra Kosak and Larry Kirstein
Alycia Haim and Philip Kosak
Helen Einbinder and Mike Seinhauser
Bette Fishman and Richie Bergman
Leslie Einbinder and Mike Macklis
Cheryl Bentley and Stan Rosen
Burt Fried and Rena Skaller
Irv Becker and Barbara Goldstein
Cnthia Newman and Murray Becker
Ronney Einbinder and Alan Karp
Mary Ann Gold and Billy Lieppe
Holly Fine and Mitch Kupfer
Gail Gersh and Mark Grossberg
Lenny Weisenthal and Ina Kirstein
Judy Gold and Howie Dohrman
Ellen Parker and Eddie Klein
Steven Victor and Linda Yelling
Bonnie Chesin and Howie Weiner
Donna Robbins and Steven Kopf
Jayne Pearles and Ira Kaskel
Jane Silverman and Ricky Greenberg
Steve Shapiro and Shelley Applebaum
Robin Fladell and Paul Schlacter
Sharon Schindler and LLoyd Lipman
Debbie Altman and Alan Sirlin
Carol Pullman and Barry Kent
Marlene Moelis and Jeff Starr
Leslie Einbinder and Harvey Richland

Lenny: Crazy Kaufman is wanted in the bathroom for a rafter bombing contest

Ricky: Sport's Events: Perry Citron and Freddy Klein are wanted for a windmill pitching contest on the boys' softball field.

Lenny: For track and field buffs, there will be a speed sprint to Milties down the old horse trail.

Ricky: Dr. Jeff Shaps will be holding a seminar on organized raids.

Lenny: Harry Perlman is looking for contestants in the ever challenging plate-fetch event.

Ricky: What we have all been waiting for, the announcement of the Tagla all star basketball team. Richie Bergman, Jedd Savel, Richie birnbaum, Ricky Zantz, Murray Sirotkin, Louis Fishman, Mike Steinhauser, Dave Kaplan, Phil Kosak, Ricky Greenberg, Mark Kirschner, Jeff Tucker, Jim Geller, Barry Birnbaum, Dave Kriveloff, Al Linder, Wayne Mirsky, Joey Rosenheck, Jeff Shaps, Freddy Kohler, Fred Spitz, Barry Kent, Joel Slamowitz, Joel Hoffman, Steve Katzman, and the captain of the team, the number one Tagola girl athlete of all time, Nina Kaplan.

Lenny: There is a special announcement....There are mattresses now available at the riflery range. Reservations will not be accepted. It's on a first come, first serv basis.

Ricky: Alan Hymanson your glasses are in Sackett Lake!

Lenny: Attention Girls' Camp: Anyone interesting in earning service points in order to make the honor circle, please report to Roberta Kirstein. She is looking for volunteers to massage her back.

Lenny: In regard to Color War, due to their past successes, the following people are in the running for this year's generals and lieutenants.

Ricky: Bonnie Chesin, Gail Gersh, Bette Fishman, IRis Prager, Kyra Kosak, Judy Gold, Lynda Brezner, Debbie Strang, Alan Woods, Marty Barandes, Wendy Marshall, Holly Fine, Sherrie Fine, Robin Fladell, Myra Kaplan, Mike Maklis, Richie Birnbaum, Jimmy Geller, Barry Birnbaum, Joanne Arbeit, Mark Kirshner Ricky Greenberg, Linda Weinstein, Mady Kaplan, Robin Davidson, Fred Levy, Ina Kirstein, Jennifer Cohen, Dave Kriveloff, Gerry Greenberg. Robin Raphan.

Lenny: Attention, Mark Kirschner, General of the Grey Junglemen. Ricky Greenberg's protest against Phil Kosak for sending a camper the wrong way in the Apache Relay is still in arbitration. The Blue Warlocks may still prove to be the true victor of the 1970 Color War!

Ricky: In anticipation of my victory, I have prepared the "W" to be placed on my banner.

Lenny: Attention Leslie Einbinder: Please report to the OD Shack for your reguritation bag, in case the evening with Harvey Richland proves to be too much for you!

Ricky: Will the real Steven Grennberg please stand up.
          We would like to also salute our canteen ladies Lynn Schindler and Great Kramer. In reward for years of service in the Tagola canteen, they will receive ten minutes alone with Lenny Weisenthal!

Ricky: In conclusion, we'd like to remind you that all dishes should be stacked and moved to the end of the table

Lenny: We will be coming around with extra pitchers of bug juice

Ricky: The reunion is scheduled to end at 12:30. Anyone late signing in will get an extra OD!

Lenny: And finally, to all Tagolians, young at heart, another reminder....making out is still off limits at the girls' front gate!!!    RIGHT, SYLVIA?