Tagola Get-Together
 February 21 in Delray Beach, Florida 12:00 PM
Tagola Get-Together February 21 in Delray Beach, Florida 12:00 PM
Bette Jane Fishman Weisenthal
Send checks for $18.00 made out to Barbara Glasser
Mail to BJ Weisenthal
105 Circle Drive
Roslyn Hts, NY 11577
Even though the reunion has come and gone, if you know where any of these people are, please email wonder18@verizon.net with any information you might have, (i.e. high school, graduation year, where they grew up, email information, etc.) We have been unable to locate them and lots of people have asked for them.

Bette Jane

Jimmy Geller
Sandy Haimowitz Albert
Rosalinda Lieberman
Mike Moskowitz
Shelley Moskowitz (Rochelle)
Ann Wenig
Joan Rosenfeld
Alycia Haim
Carol Shemin
Robert Harkavy
Ellen Ash
Harvey Fain
Steve Kopf
Richie Feinstein
Alice Feinstein
Lenny Beer
Jeff Beer
Debbie Altman
Lisa Levy
Alan Sirlin
Bonnie Black
Dave Silberman
Paul Silberman
Linda Yellin
Ellen Rosenquit
Sandy Shad
Caren Brutten
Mike Macklis
Herb Lesser
Ira Kaskel
Murry Sirotkin
Honey Milafsky
Marilyn Adler
Elaine Freed
Terry Maged
Joanne Wolin
Phyllis Chizik
Marcia Lerner          
Gail Sosne
Grace Kahn
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alan epstein
physician Married 1
well i just reconnected with my old elementary schoo buddies so why not try summer camp Send alan a MessageSend alan a Message
alan kemins
Retired Widowed 2
It's been many years since I was a camper and a CIT, I have been waterfront counselor and color general at another camp. Camp Olympus in Parksville NY, during that time I was at Temple University in PA. From there it was the Korean war. At Tagola I hung wth Stan Angel, Gerry (bones ) Goldberg. Venta Lieb was boys head counselor and the basketball coach of Lincoln HS in brooklyn. They were all waiters in the dining hall, we went to other hotels to play thier teams. Send alan  a MessageSend alan a Message
Alan Sirlin
Attorney Married 1
Send Alan a MessageSend Alan a Message
Allan Spivack
Alycia Haimm (Holzman)
Teacher Married 2
Send Alycia a MessageSend Alycia a Message
david leonard
Franklyn Elliott
Psychologist Widowed 3
Was employed at Tagola for two or three summers late 40's workg on camp shows.Most wonderful time of my life.Painted camp name on handball court wall! met and fell in luv with Vikki (Vivian) Cohen (Black). Anyone recall that far back? Years sure went fast!  Send Franklyn  a MessageSend Franklyn a Message
ilene Same (Shane)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Chocolatier www.sweetbliss.com Committed Relationship
I am so happy to hear about the reunion and will be there..Looking at the pictures camp looks so small it used to seem giant.. I really miss those years and wish we could just zap ourselfs back there for a summer...I am going to dig up my photo album and bringthem to the reunion... Where has time gone..Love to you all.. Send ilene  a MessageSend ilene a Message
janice fram
Married 2
Jason Schwartz
Married 3
Send Jason a MessageSend Jason a Message
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